Waders and Storm-petrels August 15th-19th

4 more efforts on catching waders and Storm-petrels during the last week has produced som nice results. On 3 night the main focus was on tape-luring Storm-petrels with mistnets, with a by-catch of waders taken with spotlight and dip-nets. Then a good wader catch with walk-in traps in the afternoon/evening on the 19th.

Common Redshank 1 cy, with colourrings from the Norwegien Redshank colourringing scheme. Rødstilk 1K.

Total ringed at Revtangen August 15th-19th (observatory trapping garden not included): European Storm-petrel 6, EURASIAN CURLEW 1, Common Ringed Plover 2, Dunlin 71, Red Knot 118, Sanderling 7, Common Redshank 16, Turnstone 8. Total = 231. Also two European Storm-petrels not from Revtangen controlled, one British and one Norwegian.

A very good catch of 118 Red Knots! Polarsnipe 1K.

Totalt ringmerket på Revtangen 15.-19. august (ikke inkludert fangsthagen): Havsvale 6, STORSPOVE 1, sandlo 2, myrsnipe 71, polarsnipe 118, sandløper 7, rødstilk 16, steinvender 8. Total = 231. Også to fremmede havsvaler kontrollert, en norsk og en britisk.

Eurasian Curlew, with colour-rings from the Norwegian Curlew colourringing scheme.

Thanks a lot to Björn, Gisle, Hogne and Torborg for a great effort!

Waders and Storm-petrels August 15th-19th