Bar-tailed Godwits from Revtangen

Revtangen is an important stopover site for many waders, including Bar-tailed Godwits. Since 2016 we have been colourringing godwits with a red ring on left tibia and a yellow flag with black inscription in the right tibia. In total, 221 birds have been colourringed. Of these, 60 have been sighted away from Revtangen, in total so far 168 ring readings. These birds originate in a vast breeding area between northern Fennoscandia and the Taimyr Peninsula in arctic Russia. Most have almost reached their wintering grounds when they arrive at Revtangen, and will spend a few weeks here before crossing the North Sea to winter in the British Isles. But some move much farther south, so far the most southerly record is in Guinea Bissau. Many birds return to spend the winter in the same spot year after year.

Sightings of Bar-tailed Godwits from Revtangen. The red dots are birds ringed in 2020.

NZV was ringed in autumn 2020, and recently sighted in Guernsey. Photo: Atle Espen Helgesen.

Tables detailing ringing by year and sightings by month/country here: Tables

Bar-tailed Godwits from Revtangen