Revtangen BO August 11th

The first tree pipit of the autumn

Finally a day with no rain and and only light winds! Nets open 07-21, netmeter hours appox. 4000. Playback on Green Sandpiper, Meadow Pipit, Common Linnet, Tree Pipit (08-13) and Barn Swallow (17-20). 

Ringed: Green Sandpiper 5, Feral Pigeon 1, Collared Dove 1,  Meadow Pipit 43, Tree Pipit 1, White Wagtail 3, Barn Swallow 9, Northern Wheatear 2, Whinchat 2, Sedge Warbler 1, Common Whitethroat 4, Willow Warbler 8, Coal Tit 1, Common Starling 9, House Sparrow 18, Tree Sparrow 3, Chaffinch 2, Greenfinch 4, Common Linnet 27, Yellowhammer 1. Total = 145. Also 13 controls. 

Ringmerket: Skogsnipe 5, bydue 1, tyrkerdue 1, heipiplerke 43, trepiplerke 1, linerle 3, låvesvale 9, steinskvett 2, buskskvett 2, sivsanger 1, tornsanger 4, løvsanger 8, svartmeis 1, stær 9, gråspurv 18, pilfink 3, bokfink 2, grønnfink 4, tornirisk 27, gulspurv 1. Total = 145. Også 13 kontroller.


Feral Pigeon - or perhaps "Rural Pigeon"? This bird belongs to a sub-population of Feral Pigeons breeding on farmland, and they are typically much more shy and closer in plumage details to Rock Pigeon than the urban flocks we see in Norwegian cities. A rare occurrence anyway, since this is the first ever to be caught in one of our mist-nets at Revtangen BO. Bydue, ny merkeart for Revtangen OS. 


The 42nd Collared Dove ringed in 2016. Despite the poor weather this summer resulting in a low number of trapping days we have broken the record 41 from last year! Tyrkerdue nr. 42 i 2016, vi er dermed en forbi rekorden fra i fjor. 



Whinchats are very scarce at Revtangen BO. This one was easily aged as a 1cy by a pale inside of the upper mandible, and can be sexed as a male by the large amount of white in the inner greater coverts. Buskskvett, 1K hann.


Northern Wheatears are ringed with colour-rings from the Norwegian Northern Wheatear colour-ringing project. If you see a Northern Wheatear or a White Wagtail with yellow colour-rings and you are able to read the 3-letter code, please report them to the Norwegian colour-ringing website here:


A record 5 Green Sandpipers caught today took the season total to 20. If you are lucky enough to spot one of our birds wearing a yellow flag with a 3-letter inscription, please report them to:


The first tree pipit of the autumn was trapped today. This species seems to be affected by ticks more than most species. We usually remove the ticks (5 from this one) and make a comment about the number in the "remarks"-column in our ringing software "RingAccess". Trepiplerke med flått.

Observations: Common Buzzard 1, Marsh Harrier 1 adult male, Peregrine 2, Common Greenshank 10, Spotted Redshank 1. 

Alf Tore Mjös. 1 visitor.

Revtangen BO August 11th