Revtangen BO September 27th

Ring Ouzel and Caddisfly (Halesus digitatus)

Same weather as the previous days. Unusually warm night at 14-15 degrees, light ESE in the morning, increasing around mid-day. Nets open 06-15, netmeter hours approx. 3300. Playback on Garden Warbler and Yellow-browed Warbler at night, European Robin a dawn, and Grey Wagtail, Olive-backed Pipit and European Goldfinch through the day. 

Ringed: Great Spotted Woodpecker 1, Barn Swallow 1, Meadow Pipit 1, Grey Wagtail 5, Winter Wren 7, Dunnock 3, European Robin 7, Ring Ouzel 1, Fieldfare 1, Song Thrush 7, Redwing 2, Garden Warbler 1, Blackcap 5, Chiffchaff 1, Willow Warbler 2, Goldcrest 2, Willow Tit 3, Coal Tit 10, Blue Tit 34, Bambling 6, European Goldfinch 3, Reed Bunting 1. Total = 104. Also 4 controls. Today the season total went past 5000 birds ringed.


Ring Ouzel, 1 cy female. Ringtrost, 1K F.


In Ring Ouzel, look for 2 generations of great coverts to identify a 1 cy bird. In this one, the 4 outer greater coverts are juvenile, notably shorter than the inner.


We have seen a number of the caddisfly Halesus digitatus in the Robinson-traps this week, a species previously not identified from Revtangen BO.

Haavard Husebö and Alf Tore Mjös

Revtangen BO September 27th