Revtangen BO October 19th

Pearly Unsderwing, vandrefly

ESE 6-9 m/s, mostly cloudy. Nets open 07.30-15, netmeter hours approx. 2700. Playback om Redwing and Blackbird at dawn once again resulted in a good catch of thrushes. Also playback on Grey Wagtail and Brambling during the day. 

Ringed: Great Spotted Woodpacker 1, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker 2, Grey Wagtail 3, Winter Wren 8, Dunnock 2, European Robin 4, Song Thrush 10, Redwing 30, Common Blackbird 48, Fieldfare 2, Blackcap 9, Chiffchaff 6, YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER 1, Goldcrest 2, Willow Tit 1, Blue Tit 38, Treecreeper 1, House Sparrow 3, Tree Sparrow 2, Common Starling 1, Chaffinch 4, Brambling 7, Mealy Redpoll 4, Yellowhammer 2, Reed Bunting 1. Total = 192. Also a control of a Blue Tit not from Revtangen.


Few moths in the Robinson-traps, but this Pearly Unsderwing saved the day. Vandrefly. 

Haavard Husebö, Alf Tore Mjös and Njaal Sölvberg.

Revtangen BO October 19th