Revtangen BO March 18th

Results from 2016 - recoveries and controls

Winter has made a small comeback with a cold-front over Southern Norway at the moment, the stiff NW and low temperatures means trapping is out of the question. So in stead we'll report some of the controls/recoveries we've received the past months. starting with the tits. 

Blue tits were on the move last autumn, and we ringed 1156 and controlled quite a few that were already ringed. Typically, blue tits are short-distance migrants with distances above 200 km rarely recorded. Movements typically follow the coast from the east towards the west and northwest. 

The results last autumn follow this pattern:


14 Blue tits ringed at Lista Bird observatory was controlled at Revtangen BO. The distance between the two bird observatories is 95 km, and the direction of these movements is NW. 3 of the birds covered this distance in 3 days. One bird was ringed at Lista BO on 26th September, controlled at Revtangen BO on 4th October before it continued on a northeasterly direction and was killed against a window in Suldal, Rogaland on 9th December. Only one bird ringed at Revtangen BO was kontrolled at Lista, but this one was ringed as a 3cy+ female on April 4th 2016 and controlled at Slevdalsvann on October 20th. One bird ringed at Eitlandsneset, Lyngdal (114 km to the SE) was controlled at Revtangen 5 days later. A bird ringed a sa young in the nest at Stölen, Farsund (96 km to the SE) on June 6th was controlled at Revtangen BO on October 1st.

Two birds from Eigeröy Fyr (41 km to the SE) were controlled at Revtangen BO 2 and 5 days after ringing. Two birds ringed at Holmane, Haa (36 km to the south) were controlled at Revtangen, one of these the day after it was ringed. One bird from Revtangen flew the oppsite way and was controlled at Holmane. One bird ringed as a young in the nest at Bergsfjellet, Gjesdal (25 km to the east) on May 26th was controlled at Revtangen on October 1st.

8 birds ringed at Revtangen BO was controlled at Bömyra 28 km to the north. Only one bird ringed at Bömyra was controlled at Revtangen BO. One bird was controlled at Syre, Karmöy (47 km to the north) and 3 birds were controlled at Utsira, 71 km NW. Two of the birds covered the distance to Utsira in 4 days. 

Two birds travelling in the "wrong" direction were singles ringed at Blikshavn, Karmöy on October 1st and controlled at Revtangen on October 19th (51 km direction south) and a bird ringed Revtangen on October 1st and controlled Jölle, Farsund on October 24th. 

Finally, a couple of early winter records og single birds from Revtangen in early October controlled at Ims, Sandnes on December 3rd and Nessa, Tysvaer on February 19th 2017. 


1cy+ Eggegrund, Sweden October 5th controlled Revtengen BO October 30th (709 km WSW).

1 cy+ Lista BO October 19th controlled Revtangen October 23rd.

Alf Tore Mjös

Revtangen BO March 18th