Revtangen BO November 8-9th

The prevailing weather this week has been cold and light-moderate easterlies, with sub-zero temperatures at night down to minus 5-6. We managed two short afternoon catches 1-2 hours before dusk on the 8th and 9th, targeting mainly thrushes that feed on apples we've put out. Only the middle nets around the feeder were in use. Playback also on Fieldfare, this species can be attracted by playback all day unlike the other thrushes that mostly respond to playback around dawn.

Ringed 8th-9th, netmeter hours in total around 300:

Common Snipe 1, Winter Wren 1, Common Blackbird 5, Fieldfare 24, Redwing 6, Blackcap 5, Long-tailed Tit 7, Blue Tit 4, House Sparrow 1, Tree Sparrow 5, Brambling 2, Greenfinch 4. Total = 65. 

Alf Tore Mjös

Revtangen BO November 8-9th