Start of the 2019 spring season

March 2019 has generally been poor weather with rain and wind, mainly from the western sector. As a consequence, today was the first trapping day, a very late start to our spring season. Most of the day was spent putting up the 6 nets in the northern part of the trapping area that were taken down for the winter. We also took down a couple of old spruce trees, one had blown down and another was about to follow. We also cleared away lots of old spruce branches in the southern part of the trapping area, to make room and light for elderberry bushes and other deciduous trees to grow. 


There was a few migrants around, mainly blackbirds. Ringed: Common Blackbird 10, Goldcrest 1, Common Magpie 1, Common Starling 10, House Sparrow 1, Yellowhammer 4. Total = 27. Also 5 controls.


Yellowhammer 2 cy male, with a bit more chestnut colouration than average. Gulspurv 2K hann.

Norwegian summary of ringing results: Svarttrost 10, fuglekonge 1, skjære 1, stær 10, gråspurv 1, gulspurv 4. Total = 27.

Håvard Husebø, Alf Tore Mjøs, Hogne Skår.

Start of the 2019 spring season