Revtangen BO December 30th

Flock of five Bohemian Waxwings

Light-moderate winds from the SE, mostly cloudy. Nets open from dusk til dawn, which at the end of December is approx. 08.30-16.30. Netmeter hours approx. 2300. Playback on Fieldfare. Lots of Fieldfares and also unusual amounts of Redwings are in western Norway now, probably pushed south by heavy snowfall in the northern half of the country.

Ringed: Bohemian Waxwing 3, Redwing 4, Fieldfare 38. Total = 45. Also 5 controls.

Observations: Hen Harrier 1-2, Sparrowhawk 1, Fieldfare 200+, Redwing 20+. 

Renate Berg, Asbjörn Folvik, Alf Tore Mjös and Morten Stokke.

Revtangen BO December 30th