Revtangen BO February 21th

Summary of the 2015 season

Time to sum up the 2015 season before the spring migration and the 2016 trapping season starts. 2015 was slightly better at Revtangen BO than the 3 previous seasons, but not by much. It was an odd year, with an extremely cold spring but better than average coverage in September and October. Typical spring species such as Dunnock, European Robin, Common Redstart, flycatchers and several warblers were trapped in lower numbers than usual because there were hardly any trapping conditions in spring. The wader season at Revtangen was not very good, significant numbers were staging in the area only for short period in mid-August.

Bird ringed at Revtangen BO are in the left column. The column "other sites" sums up the ringing we have done at other sites, mostly in connection with the "Urban gull project" (URBPOP). There was also a bit of "holiday ringing" in Finnmak by one of our ringers.

The new pond resultet in record numbers of two species, Green Sandpiper (6) and Grey Wagtail (118). We also trapped an amazing 41 Eurasian Collared Doves, of course another record (14 in 2014 was the best year so far). A more surprising all-time high on Winter Wren with 209, the species has finally bounced back from the population crash in 2010.

Greylag Goose, Canada Goose, Pintail, Mandarin Duck, European Shag, Little Auk and Red-throated Pipit were species ringed for the first time by the Bird Observatory, but none of these were ringed at Revtangen.


Revtangen BO February 21th