Some interesting recoveries

Poor weather has kept the bird observatory closed for ringing for 3 weeks now, September has been the wettest month ever recorded in Stavanger and the low-pressures follow close behind each other. BUT - a few interesting recoveries have cheered us up lately. Today an e-mail from the Russian ringing scheme, with this one:

1 cy Bar-tailed Godwit ringed at Revtangen on Octobr 1st 2013, remains found under a Peregrine Falcon nest at Khatanga, Taimyr Peninsula on July 11th 2018! At 72N, 99E this is about as far east as "our" subspecies breed, but there is a similar record of a bird also ringed at Revtangen in 1980 and recovered a few years later at 72N, 102E.

Also, a couple of new recoveries in Western Europe from our flag-ringed Godwits from 2018: A 1 cy ringed during "Open day" at Revtangen BO on August 26th was sighted at Sylt, Germany on September 14th, and a 1 cy female ringed on September 13th was sighted in Norfolk, UK on September 22nd. 3 years into the project we have these recoveries from our flag-ringed Bar-tailed Godwits:

The dark spot up north represent the ringing site for a pull ringed in the extreme north of Finland, that was controlled at Revtangen in September 2017. It continued south and was later sighted in Morocco!

A more detailed map of the core wintering area for Bar-tailed Godwits ringed at Revtangen:


Some interesting recoveries