An incredible Goldfinch recovery

There is something exotic about the European Goldfinch, it doesn't look like it should thrive in Scandinavia. Nevertheless, it is increasing tremendously in southern Norway, and has gone from semi-rare to regular breeding bird in the SW near Stavanger in just a few years. We have used playback in an effort to catch and ring some at Revtangen BO, mostly in late autumn, and from 2016-2020 we've ringed 173 individuals.

European Goldfinch, adult male, Revtangen June 2020. Stillits, voksen hann.

Today we had our second recovery abroad, and in a somewhat unexpected place - near Akureyri in North Iceland! It was confirmed as a Goldfinch also from the Icelanding ringing scheme, so no errors there. It comes as no surprise that it was the first ever recovery of a ringed Goldfinch in Iceland. The bird was ringed at Revtangen on 18th October 2019.

Our two recoveries of European Goldfinch in the same map. The other one was a more normal winter recovery in Skåne, S Sweden.

An incredible Goldfinch recovery