Interesting recoveries

Winter time is time for summaries, and for collecting interesting results from last years ringing effort. A few days ago the ringing scheme received news from Dutch ornithologists working in Mauretania, of sightings of 7 Norwegian flag-ringed waders. One of these was one of the 4 Curlew Sandpipers ringed at Revtangen BO in autumn 2018. Below we've listed a selection of the most interesting recoveries recieved in 2018, of birds ringed at Revtangen BO:


Movement of 1 cy Curlew Sandpiper, ringed Revtangen 9.9.2018, sighted Banc d'Arguain, Mauretania 5.-6.12.2018

1 cy Revtangen 9.9.2017
Dead, probably from cold and starvation, Warham Salt Marshes, Norfolk, UK 9.3.2018

1 cy Revtangen BO 9.9.2017
Dead, probably from cold and starvation, Weymouth, Dorset, UK 4.3.2018

1cy Revtangen 27.8.2017
Controlled by ringers, Terrington Marsh, Norfolk, UK 19.11.2017

1cy Revtangen 9.9.2017
Controlled by ringers, Murraceira, Coimbra, Portugal 14.11.2017

1cy Revtangen 26.8.2018
Controlled by ringers, Greenabella Marsh, Cleveland, UK 17.9.2018

Red Knot/Polarsnipe:
1 cy Revtangen 3.9.2014
Dead, probably from cold and starvation, Borkum, Eastfrisian Island, 3.3.2018

Green Sandpiper/Skogsnipe:
1 cy Revtangen BO 14.8.2017
Colour flag read Rio Guadalhorce, Malaga, Spain 27.02.2018

1 cy Revtangen BO 13.8.2018
Colour flag read Norderney, Eastfrisian Island, Germany 25.9.2018

1 cy Revtangen BO 2.8.2018
Found dead, Saint-Venant, Pas-de-Calais, France 17.11.2018

Little Stint/Dvergsnipe:
1 cy Revtangen 29.8.2017
Colour ring read, Cabo Cervera, Torrevieja, Spain 1.11.-30.12.2018

1 cy Revtangen BO 26.8.2018 (Ringed during "Open day")
Colour flag read Brownsea Island, Dorset, UK 5.-10.9.2018

Sand Martin/Sandsvale:
1cy Revtangen BO 31.8.2018
Controlled by ringers, Torreta Ambla, Valencia, Spain 3.10.2018

Tree Pipit/Trepiplerke:
1cy Sangvik, Søgne, Vest-Agder (Norway) 9.8.2018
Controlled Revtangen BO 21.8.2018

Winter Wren/Gjerdesmett:
1cy Revtangen BO 7.10.2018
Controlled by ringers, Keldsnor Fuglestation, Sydlangeland, Denmark 19.10.2018

1cy Revtangen BO 30.10.2016
Controlled by ringers, Sunddammen, Vardø, Finnmark (Norway) 31.7.2018

1 cy Revtangen BO 8.10.2017
Controlled by ringers, Chobham Common, Surrey, UK 27.12.2018

1 cy M Revtangen BO 2.11.2016
Long dead, Bredbyn, Västernorrland, Sweden 27.6.2018

Sedge Warbler/Sivsanger:
1 cy Lissewege, West-Vlaanders, Belgium 10.8.2015
Controlled Revtangen BO 14.8.2018

Garden Warbler/Hagesanger:

1 cy Revtangen BO 21.8.2018
Controlled by ringers, Nidingen, Halland, Sweden 7.9.2018

1 cy M Revtangen BO 1.9.2018
Controlled by ringers, Buskett, Malta 1.12.2018

1 cy F Nanjizal, Lands End, Cornwall, UK 9.11.2014
Controlled Revtangen BO 21.4.2018

1 cy F Revtangen 16.10.2017
Possibly taken by Sparrowhawk, Black Isle, Balblair, Highland, Scotland 01.04.2018

1cy F Ørin Feltstasjon, Verdal, Nord-Trølndelag 1.9.2018
Controlled Revtangen BO 26.10.2018

1 cy F Revtangen BO 6.10.2018
Controlled by ringers, Usquert, Groningen, The Netherlands 30.12.2018 and 14.1.2019

Mealy Redpoll/Gråsisik:

1cy Revtangen 9.10.2017
Controlled by ringer, Brovst, Nordjylland, Denmark 26.3.2018

1 cy Pori, Turku-Pori, Finland 23.10.2018
Controlled Revtangen BO 6.11.2018

1 cy Revtangen BO 27.10.2018
Controlled by ringer, Ringslia, Hedmark (Norway) 16.12.2018

Interesting recoveries