Second half of March

The weather has been on-and-off as usual for March, too windy most of the time and no favourable easterlies. Ringing was carried out at 7 dates between 18th and 31st, with a total of 111 birds ringed. 62 of these were Common Blackbirds, and notable arrivals of blackbirds were logged on the 23rd, 27th and 31st. The latter date also brought the highlight of the spring so far, with a long awaited CETTI'S WARBLER. Unfortunately due to Covid 19 restrictions the Cetti's Warbler was released without any further arrangements for visiting birders.

Cetti's Warbler, 2 cy.

European Goldfinch, Male.

Ringed, March 18th-31st: Wood Pigeon 2, European Robin 5, Common Blackbird 62, Song Thrush 1, CETTI'S WARBLER 1, Common Chiffcaff 3, Goldcrest 4, Great Tit 3, Blue Tit 1, Common Starling 1, Tree Sparrow 1, House Sparrow 9, Chaffinch 6, Greenfinch 2, European Goldfinch 1, Yellowhammer 9. Also 41 controls, including a Common Blackbird with a Helgoland-ring.

Norsk oppsummering av ringmerkingstall: Ringdue 2, rødstrupe 5, svarttrost 62, måltrost 1, CETTISANGER 1, gransanger 3, fuglekonge 4, kjøttmeis 3, blåmeis 1, stær 1, pilfink 1, gråspurv 9, bokfink 6, grønnfink 2, stillits 1, gulspurv 9. Total = 111. Også 41 kontroller, inkl. en tyskmerket svarttrost.

Second half of March