Revtangen BO October 1st-4th

Variable weather, most of the time rainy or windy or both, but the wind is still in the E to SE, so still possible to do some trapping with around half the nets. Those days when conditions have been good, the blue tits have forced us to close around half the nets after the first early morning round.

Early October is often busy in the ringing lab.

Ringed, October 1st - 4th (on the 1st and 4th only trapping after noon): Grey Wagtail 1, Winter Wren 6, Northern Wheatear 1, European Robin 18, Redwing 14, Song Thrush 25, Common Blackbird 1, Fieldfare 1, Garden Warbler 1, BARRED WARBLER 1, Blackcap 35, Chiffchaff 11, Willow Warbler 2, YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER 4, Goldcrest 14, Pied Flycatcher 1, Great Tit 3, Blue Tit 137, Chaffinch 1, Brambling 1, Greenfinch 15, Eurasian Siskin 1, Lesser Redpoll 1, Yellowhammer 1. Total = 297. The 2020 season total is now well past 5100 birds.

Tempeartures have been higher than usual the past week, with night-temperatures around 15 degrees which is very unusual in October. The light traps have produced good numbers of Angle Shades (picture), Silver Y and a few Dark Sword-grass, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Revtangen BO October 1st-4th