Revtangen BO October 21st

Eurasian Woodcock, rugde

Same weather as yesterday, the wind was even a bit stronger. Only 93 meters of nets in use 08-16, netmeter hours approx. 750. Playback on Redwing and Common Blackbird at dawn, later on Yellowhammer and Mealy Redpoll. 

Ringed: Eurasian Woodcock 1 (first this season), Grey Wagtail 1, Winter Wren 3, European Robin 7, Redwing 2, Common Blackbird 8, Blackcap 2, Goldcrest 2, Blue Tit 9, Great Tit 2, Mealy Redpoll 3. Total = 40.


Eurasian Woodcock, 1 cy. Rugde, 1K.

Renate Berg, Espen Helgesen and Alf Tore Mjös

Revtangen BO October 21st