Revtangen BO March 12th

Summary of 2016

The spring season 2017 is approaching and it's long overdue to give a summary of the 2016 season.

Last year was the best since 2010 at Revtangen BO, much because of the untypically pleasant and calm September and October, allowing us a lot of trapping time during favourable conditions. The wader trapping season was a disaster though, it may seem as our trapping site at Revtangen has already fallen vicim to climate change, since repeated episodes of high water and strong winds have removed lots of sand from the area. As a result, rotting seaweed is not piling up as usual, but removed by the sea before they get productive.

The table below has two columns: The left one is the result for Revtangen bird observatory, the right is our ringing results from other sites, mainly in connection to our urban gulls project "URBPOP".

Four species were ringed for the first time at Revtangen: Stock dove, feral pigeon, oriental turtle dove and pine bunting. The alder flyctcher was a first for Norway, trapped on the island Kvitsöy by Björn Mo to collect biometrics and a DNA-feather sample for identification.

Table of visiting species 2016

Revtangen BO March 12th