Revtangen BO January 26th

Northern Bottlenose Whale (Hyperoodon ampullatus)

SE breeze, part cloudy. Warmer weather with 4-5 degrees. The number of thrushes in the are are significantly down, and the catch was poor compared to earlier this winter. Nets open 08.30-15, netmeter hours approx. 1700. We worked parts of the day securing some vertebrae from a recently stranded Northern Bottlenose Whale, and Haavard started digging holes for a new windbreaker wall towards the road. 

Ringed: Fieldfare 3, Redwing 1, Great Tit 1, House Sparrow 1, Tree Sparrow 2, Chaffinch 1 and Greenfinch 1. Total = 10. Also 11 controls. 

Haavard Huseboe and Alf Tore Mjös

Revtangen BO January 26th