Revtangen BO February 18th

SW 5 m/s, later light shifting breeze, a few light rainshowers early. 3-4 degrees, mostly cloudy. Nets open 09.30-18, netmeter hours approx. 2200. Few birds around, most of the thrushes were on fields 0,5-1 km away. 

Ringed: Redwing 3, Common Blackbird 1, Fieldfare 5, House Sparrow 1. Total = 10. Also 8 controls, including a Greenfinch not from Revtangen. 

Observations: Whooper Swan 105 in the fields west of the station; around 200 Eurasian Wigeon also flew over the station at dusk towards the same fields. Eurasian Woodcock 1, Eurasian Sparrowhawk 1, Eurasian Skylark 2-3 flew over. 

Alf Tore Mjös

Revtangen BO February 18th