Revtangen BO October 1st

The second Olive-backed Pipit of the autumn

Finally the wind settled enough to open the mistnets, although still in the west 5 m/s with rainshowers in the morning. Gradually turning north and then northeast in the evening. Sunny periods in the afternoon. We've had a week with very strong wind and lots of rain from the 23rd-30th, and trapping has not been possible during this period. Today the nets were opened around dawn, no playback during the night. Playback on Yellow-browed Warbler and Garden Warbler around dawn, after dawn we turned off the Graden Warbler and played Olive-backed Pipit and Grey Wagtail. 

Nets open 07.30-18.30, but most nets were closed from around 09.30 because there were lots of Blue Tits moving through, too may to handle for two persons. Netemeter hours approx. 1800.


The second Olive-backed Pipit of the autumn was trapped today. Looked like it was attracted by the playback. Sibirpiplerke.

Ringed: Collared Dove 1, Grey Wagtail 5, Meadow Pipit 1, OLIVE-BACKED PIPIT 1, Barn Swallow 1, Winter Wren 1, Northern Wheatear 1, Common Blackbird 1, Fieldfare 2, Redwing 2, Blackcap 6, Willow Warbler 1 (ssp. acredula), Yellow-browed Warbler 1, Goldcrest 1, Coal Tit 2, Great Tit 7, Blue Tit 225, Common Starling 2, House Sparrow 3, Chaffinch 3, Brambling 22, Greenfinch 52, Common Linnet 1, Yellowhammer 2, Reed Bunting 1. Total = 344. Also 27 controls, including 8 not from Revtangen. 

Ringmerket: Tyrkerdue 1, vintererle 5, heipiplerke 1, SIBIRPIPLERKE 1, låvesvale 1, gjerdesmett 1, steinskvett 1, svarttrost 1, gråtrost 2, rødvingetrost 2, munk 6, løvsanger 1, gulbrynsanger 1, fuglekonge 1, svartmeis 2, kjøttmeis 7, blåmeis 225, stær 2, gråspurv 3, bokfink 3, bjørkefink 22, grønnfink 52, tornirisk 1, gulspurv 2, sivspurv 1. Total = 344. Også 27 kontroller, inkl. 8 merket på andre lokaliteter. 

Paul Terje Haarr and Alf Tore Mjös

Revtangen BO October 1st