Revtangen BO October 17th-18th

A small window with light easterlies on the 17th-18th, the wind increasing from SE on the 18th. We started using playback on Yellowhammer and had a decent catch of 40. Playback on Blackbird and Redwing in the morning on the 18th also produced the first decent trush-catch of the autumn. The hightlight cam in a very tiny package, the first Pallas' Leaf Warbler for 18 years.

Pallas' Leaf Warbler seems to become more scarce in Norway. This is the 9th record from Revtangen BO, but the first since 2003. Fuglekongesanger.

Ringed, October 17th-18th: White Wagtail 1, Grey Wagtail 3, Winter Wren 10, European Robin 4, Song Thrush 6, Redwing 19, Fieldfare 1, Common Blackbird 22, Blackcap 2, PALLAS' LEAF WARBLER 1, SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF 2, Common Chiffchaff 1, Goldcrest 14, Great Tit 15, Blue Tit 76, Coal Tit 3, Tree Sparrow 3, House Sparrow 2, Chaffinch 3, Brambling 38, Greenfinch 67, Eurasian Siskin 2, Lesser Redpoll 9, Mealy Redpoll 8, European Goldfinch 13, Yellowhammer 40. Total = 365.

Some playback on redpolls produced 17 birds on the 18th, 9 Lesser Redpolls and the first 8 Mealies this autumn. Mealy Redpoll. Gråsisik.

The first 3 Coal Tits of 2021 were trapped on the 18th. Svartmeis.

Revtangen BO October 17th-18th