Revtangen BO May 7th-8th

The first Common Whitethroat of the season was trapped on May 8th

Strong southerlies continue to mess up any attempt at efficient trapping. Generally we only trap a few birds early in the morning and very little after the sun rises higher in the sky and the wind picks up an extra couple of m/s. The nets were open 10-17 on the 7th and 05-11 on the 8th. In total, around 3900 netmeter hours. 

Ringed, total 7th-8th May: Meadow Pipit 1, Dunnock 1, Blackcap 1, Common Whitethroat 1, Willow Warbler 15, Chiffchaff 3, Great Tit 1, Chaffinch 4, Greenfinch 1, Lesser Redpoll 4, European Goldfinch 1. Total = 33. Also 4 controls.

Asbjörn Folvik and Alf Tore Mjös

Revtangen BO May 7th-8th