Revtangen BO October 28th

Recent recoveries - waders

This autumn was a good one for wader ringing, and close to 1400 were ringed. Of these, around 230 have been colourringed, mostly with coded flags with a 3-letter code. The whole ringing operation at Revtangen BO was centered on wader ringing for several decades before mist-nets were introduced in the late 50ties, and wader ringing is still the highest priority in July-early September. 

So far the wader ringing in autumn 2017 have resultet in a few interesting sightings, and the most interesting was a Redshank:


7608514/ON(ECV) 1cy Revtangen 27.08.2017

Photographed, Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura, Canary islands/Spain 13.10.2017. This is the first recovery of a Norwegian-ringed Redshank in the Canary Islands.


1cy Redshank at Fuerteventura on October 13th. Photo: Nick Bond.

Other reports so far of birds ringed in 2017:

Bar-tailed Godwit/Lappspove:

NOS K04710/YN(NAU) 1 cy Revtangen 06.09.2017

Photodocumented Black Rock, Ballinprior, Ireland 27.09.2017 

7218386/YN(NCM) 1 cy M Revtangen 06.09.2017

Photodocumented Black Rock, Ballinprior, Ireland 17.09.2017 

 NOS 7218399/YN(NHA) 1 cy M Revtangen 29.09.2017

Photodocumented, Hauxley, Northumberland, UK 11.10.2017

NOS K04740/YN(NHV) 1 cy F Revtangen 29.09.2017

Photodocumented Boulmer, Northumberland, UK 11.10. and 09.11.2017

SFH BT047892 Pullus Utsjoki, Lappi, Finland 01.07.2017

Controlled, colour-flag YN(NAS) added, Revtangen 06.09.2017. Less than 100 Bar-tailed Godwits have ever been ringed in Finland, and this was the first recovery of a Finnish-ringed Bar-tailed Godwit in Norway. 

Little Stint/Dvergsnipe

E211505/YN(SNE) 1 cy Revtangen 27.08.2017

Photodocumented Marker Wadden, Lelystad, Ijsselmeerpolders, The Netherlands 01.09.2017

Common Ringed Plover/Sandlo

8B81806/YN(LHN) 1 cy Revtangen 30.08.2017

In flock of 50 birds at Oostende, Terschelling, The Netherlands 24.09.2017. Also a colour-ringed Common Ringed Plover from Jomfruland BO in the same high-tide roost flock.


8E02225/ON(AHC) 1 cy Longyearbyen, Svalbard (Spitsbergen) 13.08.2012

Colour-flag read at Revtangen 31.07.2017. This birds was previously sighted back at Svalbard in June 2013, then at Utopia, The Netherlands in 21.06.2016. 

8435668 1cy Revtangen 30.08.2017

Controlled by ringers Greenabella Marsh, Greythorpe, Hartlepool, UK 13.09.2017

Alf Tore Mjös

Revtangen BO October 28th