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The curator at the Department of Natural History at Museum Stavanger, Alf Tore Mjøs, has run a research blog for Revtangen Bird Observatory since 2010. Here, he writes about the work being done at the station, like bird ringing of both common and rare species that pass by, documentation of moths and the garden development. The blog has about 100 posts each year and is written in English, in order to reach the international bird ringing community. These posts provide a great opportunity to follow how the avian fauna changes throughout the year, and contains many comments on e.g. how to determine the age of birds.  

The blog has previously been posted under a private web page, but we are now happy to be able to add this important natural history contribution to our web pages for Revtangen and Museum Stavanger. You will find the blog in the “hamburger button” in the top right corner or you can use this link.