Experience ringing

School Visit

20. Apr 2018 - 31. May 2024

At Revtangen Bird Observatory at Reve in Klepp municipality, work is done with catching and ringing (banding) birds. The results of the ringing tell us where our breeding birds have their trails, and important feeding- and wintering areas. Through catching and ringing we get knowledge about the proportion of young birds and adults in a population, and thus we can say something about how the breeding season has been. Once ringed birds are recovered, we can calculate life expectancy and acquire knowledge of important causes of death. All of this is knowledge that is essential for managing the bird populations in a good way.

At the field station you will be able to see when birds are caught in nets and traps and then ringed before they are released again. When you ring a bird, you will gather a lot of information about the bird before it is released;

species, gender, age, wing length and weight, and finally the ring number on the ring of the current bird. Date and place of catch are also noted so that you know where and when the bird was before it was released. The same is noted for birds you catch, which already has a ring, in this way you can find out about migratory routes and about the condition of the individual bird and the population.

At the field station we mostly catch sparrows, but if one is down on the reef, one can experience ringing of waders. We also collect butterflies at the field station. If you are lucky you can also experience this activity.

When ordering a visit, we would appreciate information if there are any special needs we should facilitate.

THE VISIT IS WEATHER PERMITTING! During the ringing of birds, the birds’ wellbeing must always be our priority. One should not catch birds with nets when it rains heavily, when a wet bird can be heavily cooled, and die. One should neither use a net when it blows too much. Birds can get hurt when the wind tears in the net, and they can also be cooled down by cold winds.

With such considerations, one must carefully consider the weather and wind conditions before starting. It is often necessary to look at the latest and most up-to-date weather reports up to the scheduled time to assess whether catching of birds and ringing them are safe.


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