Revtangen BO April 24th - windy and entertaining

Strong E and still lots of birds around, quite warm with 12 degrees at night and another day that felt like midsummer. Not too windy in the early morning, but increasing to 12-14 m/s and most nets had to be closed after noon. Netmeter hours approx. 2700, but most nets were inefficient because of wind.

Ringed: Green Sandpiper 1, Collared Dove 1, EURASIAN WRYNECK 1 (first this season), Tree Pipit 1 (first this season), European Robin 7, Common Redstart 5, SIBERIAN STONECHAT 1 (2cy male ssp. variegatus), RING OUZEL 5, Song Thrush 8, Blackcap 1, Lesser Whitethroat 1, Chiffchaff 2, Willow Warbler 37, Pied Flycatcher 4 (first this season), House Sparrow 1, Lesser Redpoll 3, Mealy Redpoll 2, Common Linnet 1. Total = 82. Also 22 controls.


Siberian Stonechat (Saxicola maurus variegatus), 2 cy male. Asiasvartstrupe, 2K M. The first record at Revtangen BO.

Not often we have the possibility for a group picture of Ring Ouzels. Left: 2 cy female. In the back: 3 cy+ female. Right: 3 cy+ male. Ringtroster.

Norwegian summary of ringing results: Skogsnipe 1, tyrkerdue 1, VENDEHALS 1, trepiplerke 1, rødstrupe 7, rødstjert 5, ASIASVARTSTRUPE 1, RINGTROST 5, måltrost 8, munk 1, møller 1, gransanger 2, løvsanger 37, svarthvit fluesnapper 4, gråspurv 1, brunsisik 3, gråsisik 2, tornirisk 1. Total = 82. Også 22 kontroller.


The first Eurasian Wryneck of the year arrived in the afternoon. Vendehals.

Staff: Alf Tore Mjös, Björn Mo and Hogne Skår.

Revtangen BO April 24th - windy and entertaining